Solutions That Work For Your Business

We are experts in merchant services. Most of our clients often struggle to navigate these financial waters and that's why we work by your side to provide you the best merchant services and point of sale solutions of 2022.

Taylor Payments is deeply committed to earning your business through transparent business practices. We intend to keep your business providing excellent customer service for years to come.

Our Solutions Suite

Our solutions serve dozens of industries; we are here to help you make wise-decisions for your business while navigating ever-changing business landscapes.

From mobile repair, to retail stores, to eCommerce companies, our solutions empower you to accept payments quickly and easily while opening-up space for you to better run your business. Stuck in a contract? We may have a solution for that too!

Cash Discount Program

Increase revenue and profits today!

The Cash Discount Program is the newest edition to our suite of solutions. Let's break it down for you: this program is extremely easy to use and will increase your bottom line by saving you on credit card processing fees. There are multiple ways to implement a new program such as this and Taylor Payments will be with you every step of the way.

Questions about how to legally and ethically remove the cost of accepting credit cards? Take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience today.

Taylor Payments has the education and information you need to make the best informed decision possible for your business.


Contact us today for references from other local, small-business owners who made the change and who are HAPPY they did!

Card-Present Processing

Starting at 1.69% + .05 cents per transaction

At Taylor Payments, we help our clients grow their businesses in the most efficient ways possible. In our years of experience working in merchant services we have learned custom solutions ALWAYS work best for a business.

Let us evaluate your current solution, uncover threats and weaknesses, offer solutions and then implement the solutions. Use our experts to navigate merchant services while you do more of the things you love, like running and growing the business.

From comprehensive Point of Sale Systems, to stand-alone terminals, to mobile card-readers for events and curbside pick-up, to online menus and ordering, we have what your business needs in today's competitive market.

Additionally, our merchant accounts are secured by tokenization and PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). Our hardware is equipped to swipe, chip-dip or manually enter card payments, simply adding another level of security for your business.

Hire us to help bring your business to the next level. Contact us today so we can begin working for you!

Higher-Risk Processing:

Starting at just 3.25%+10¢

At Taylor Payments, we understand the challenges of running a business that banks consider "high-risk" which is why we partner with multiple banks. We've made the process easier by us working with other businesses and banks to learn and master the unique challenges of operating a high-risk business. At the end of the day, we want you to be able to accept payments from your customers by offering a solutions for all payment types, including debit and credit cards.

Already have a high-risk solution installed, but want more competitive rates? Contact us today for a side-by-side comparison!

Online Stores

Starting at 0% + .05 cents per transaction

Taylor Payments has the best online payment gateways and the knowledge to know how to implement online sales to your business.

Every business is unique and comes with it's own set of challenges. In today's market, it is critical to stay competitive by offering the payment options your customers' expect you to have.

Customers today want to pay invoices online, buy items from your website, call-in a payments over the phone; today's customers want to spend their money and we want you to be fully prepared to accept that money using multiple channels.

Integrated, omnichannel solutions are available to assist with reporting and functionality. Contact us today for a professional opinion on how to increase sales while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.



With our kiosks, apps and e-wallets, we make it easy for your customers to get cash. We offer ATM’s with and without cash-management services. Never lose another customer due to a lack of cash!

Most ATM’s will pay for themselves within a few short months; we guide our clients’ to choose an appropriate ATM fee for your business type and location. 

POS System

We offer multiple Point of Sale Systems, scanners, weight scales, kitchen printers, mobile devices and more. 

Contact us today for a custom proposal built with your business in mind.

Mobile Apps

Use our mobile apps to track sales, monitor refunds, update employee records, manage inventory and more. 

Own multiple businesses? Our mobile app allows you to toggle between companies using the same log-in credentials.

POS System

Need Curbside Checkout? Online ordering? Our Point of Sale systems are extremely customizable and responsive, created to quickly add inventory, employees, marketing, competitive analysis, tax rates and more.

We work with businesses to customize the POS experience, creating a unique and tailored system for your business, so you can thrive, operate securely and to be ready for future expansions.

Our systems are designed with ease and security in mind, leaving you with an efficient way to manage and grow your sales. 

Mobile Apps

Manage and grow your business even while you are away! Our mobile apps offer a comprehensive list of features to allow business owners to work on the business from anywhere. Each of our POS systems come with it’s own mobile app, all designed to assist business owners stay informed and efficient.


At Taylor Payments, we love the ATM business. In most cases, we find the ATM machine pays for itself quickly, leaving you with pure profits within a month or two. Create residual income every time cash is withdrawn from your machine! Get your new ATM machine from Taylor Payments today!

E-Commerce Integrations

We have a wide variety of e-commerce integrations depending on what platform your e-commerce store is on, what products you are currently selling, and at what volume is being pushed. Our compatible platforms (depending on what solution you acquire) are:

We will assist you in determining which solution best fits your online business. We will explain how it works. We will present any costs' associated with it. We will work with tech support to get everything programmed and connected. We will support you every step of the way. Contact us today to reserve your spot in working with us.

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