Small Business Tools to Streamline Operations and Increase Profit

Supporting local Small Business owners'

Founded in 2018, Taylor Payments Corp quickly gained momentum in the local Saint Petersburg, Florida market by offering premier credit and debit card processing products and services to the local business owners’ in the city.

Additionally, Taylor Payments helps many business owners formally open their companies, set-up payroll, complete sales tax and tax filings, implement best practices for bookkeeping, navigate and fill-out legal documents, and increase profits via sales and marketing efforts. 

The overall mission of Taylor Payments Corp is to help as many small business owners as possible by providing the tools needed to better understand and control their businesses and to keep them as a client for life.

a Powerful Impact

Taylor Payments Corp quickly attained large and reputable local clients who are still with us today. Every company faces it’s own unique set of challenges when it came to accepting payments and keeping costs down while increasing sales. Taylor Payments offers a variety of products and services to nearly all business types.

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